Several First Nations in Ontario struggle with sound financial management. There are both common and variable issues that contribute to these challenges. Reasons range from Inability to attract and retain a stable and trained workforce; ineffective set up/use of software, internal control, and reporting systems; impacts of crisis management on normal operations; access to interdependent support systems such as human resources and information technology; financial literacy levels of non-financial program managers; and greater need for consistent leadership support, policy implementation and decision-making. Several First Nations in Ontario fall under Indigenous Service Canada’s (ISC) Default Prevention and Management Policy (DPMP) that are subject to the Recipient Advisor process.

Established in 2021 Capacity Connect, previously known as the ‘First Nations Finance Capacity Development Initiative’ is a joint initiative between Nokiiwin Tribal Council (NTC) and Southern First Nations Secretariat (SFNS). NTC and SFNS partnered to assist managers and finance staff in Ontario First Nations.

NTC and SFNS partnered with the vision to help build financial capacity within Ontario First Nation Managers and Finance personnel. Stakeholder engagement and participant feedback is key to develop long term sustainable financial capacity development within communities. Capacity Connect recognizes that each First Nation community may have unique needs and challenges and will assist in providing support.

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