Engagement Sessions

Tribal Council Executive Directors
February 16, 2021
10am – 12pm EST / 9am – 11am CST

Invitation to Tribal Councils

Band Managers
March 3, 2021
10am – 11am EST / 9am – 10am CST

Band Manager Focus Group Invitation

Finance Managers
March 10, 2021
10am – 12pm EST / 9am – 11am CST

Finance Manager Focus Group Invitation

ISC – Funding Service Officers
March 23, 2021
10am – 12pm EST / 9am – 11am CST

Auditing Firms
March 24, 2021
10am – 11am EST / 9am – 10am CST

Engagement Sessions Led by Don Morrison

Engagement Consultant

SOUTHERN FIRST NATIONS SECRETARIAT and NOKIIWIN TRIBAL COUNCIL have engaged key stakeholders to develop a long-term capacity development strategy that recognizes where each participating community’s needs are.

A series of virtual focus group meetings will take place for each group including First Nation, Tribal Council, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), and auditing firm representatives. 

The intent is to engage First Nation representatives and to partner with First Nation entities and individuals throughout this project.

Why is this Initiative Important?

Many First Nations in Ontario struggle with financial & operational management issues.
There are both common and unique issues. Reasons range from:
  • inability to attract and retain a stable and trained workforce;
  • ineffective set up/use of accounting software, internal control & reporting systems;
  • impacts of crisis management on normal operations;
  • access to internal support systems such as Human Resources and IT;
  • financial knowledge levels of non-financial program managers;
  • greater need for leadership support, policy implementation and decision-making.